Step 1 - Compile  Information Packets

The purpose of this step is to obtain references or recommendations from local sorority representatives. You will need to prepare information packets that can be distributed to these representatives. The representatives will then use this information to prepare a reference or recommendation for you. Please note that you can compile these packets before you have made your final choice of a university.  Your information packet should consist of a completed questionnaire, a résumé, transcripts, and pictures.

Questionnairre/Résumé: Download, print and complete the questionnaire on the last page of this website.  Additionally you will need a resume of your activities, honors and awards. Your resume does not need to be limited to one page for the purposes of recruitment. Be sure to include all of your activities and offices held, honors received, volunteer and work experience.  List activities by year in school - Freshman, Sophomore, etc.  Do not be bashful!  We want to know everything about you so we will be able to write the best possible recommendation to your college campus.

Transcript: Obtain a certified copy of your high school transcript and make one copy for each packet.  If you have completed college hours you will need transcripts from the college as well. Do not wait until graduation.  We know your transcript will not include the last six weeks.

Pictures: We need 20 copies of each photo! Your photographs do not need to be professionally done, but if you do use a studio you will need a signed release from the photographer allowing copies to be made of your photographs. The photos may be any size, but 3x5 or 4x6 are suggested.  They should be recent photos. One full length and one close-up photo are preferable.  The sorority members will use these pictures to identify you at recruitment. They should look like you!!

Step 2 - Deliver your completed packet by February 12, 2018 preferably.

A complete packet consists of the questionnaire, your resume', transcripts and photographs in a large manila envelope.  Photographs are best on a zip drive.

Mail or deliver your completed Information packet to the Panhellenic president and the reference chairs for the sorority's that are on your campus by the stated deadline.  Their addresses are in the packet and on the form.

You are now registered with the Deep South Texas Panhellenic. This ensures that you have a recommendation for every sorority on your campus that has a local representative.  Most do!

A note about additional recommendations.  It is to your advantage to network among family, friends, teachers, and acquaintances to secure your own recommendations. These privately obtained references should be given a packet with your resume, transcripts and pictures as well. By doing so, you are assured a personal recommendation and that is an advantage.  Alums from the school you are attending are especially valuable!  The women who agree to write a letter of recommendation for you are responsible for mailing.  Follow up with a thank you note that will impress the alum AND remind her to get her letter in the mail!

Many of the Texas schools and other major universities have a deadline of June 1st to receive these recommendations. Remember, it is to your advantage to distinguish yourself from other potential new members by following these tips. Completing these steps early ensures that you will not be swept up into the crowd of late applicants.

Step 3 - Register with your College Panhellenic

Registering with the Deep South Texas Panhellenic does NOT register you with your college panhellenic. You must register separately with your university.

The Panhellenic website for your university may be found at Under the tab College Prep there is a Campus Locator with the up to date websites for the Panhellenic organization AND the sororities on that campus! Each campus has individual rules and procedures to guide the potential new members through the recruitment process. Check with your college's Panhellenic for their additional requirements and deadlines as soon as possible.

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