The first party period is usually the most casual.  You will be visiting every sorority and getting to know them.  It can be exhausting and you will want to be very comfortable. It is common to wear a specific rush t-shirt  that is given to all prospective members and shorts, khakis or jeans.  Sandals or athletic shoes are appropriate. Sorority members will typically wear their chapter's t-shirts and colors as well.


The second party period is still a bit casual and is usually a sundress and sandals or cute pants and top with sandals.  You will be meeting lots of girls and need to feel confident and comfortable.  Remember your smile!


The third period party is dressy!  Wear a luncheon or church outfit.  Dressy slacks, a cute dress and moderate to flat shoes.  Remember, you will be on your feet for hours, so don't wear shoes you cannot stand in for long periods of time!


The final party is usually called Pref Night, meaning preference night.  This is the dressiest event of rush and calls for a lovely cocktail dress and a higher heel.  Please note, this is not a 'clubbing' dress!  Cocktail dresses are classy, elegant and still present you as a lady.  This is a very special night and the sororities will have a very meaningful event awaiting you.  After these parties you will make your decision.

Bid Day

This is when you will receive your invitation to join a sorority.  Typical dress is quite casual; jeans, capris or  shorts with a t-shirt or cute top.  It is common for your new sisters to place a sorority t-shirt on you upon entering their house or party.  Be prepared for lots of hugs, laughter and fun!  You are now a sorority woman!  Welcome to Greek life.

One of the most common concerns from young women going through sorority recruitment is what to wear.  Although each college is different and you will need to check their website for up to date pictures and information, below is a typical recruitment schedule and the appropriate dress for each.  Remember that the most important thing to wear to recruitment parties is a SMILE!
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